Energy powers America, fostering innovation, opportunity, and jobs. Smart energy policy empowers America abroad. That’s why our nation must have access to energy that is affordable and from sources that are reliable. From the oil shale in North Dakota to producers in the gulf to safe sustainable fracking nationwide, American energy is helping lower costs for consumers and achieve energy independence from foreign sources. This American energy boom has largely been done despite the Obama Administration and liberals who have opposed pipelines and production time and again.

American policy should support the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, focus on reducing red-tape blocking the development of American energy, and encourage innovators that are identifying genuine new forms of renewable energy.


Healthcare policy affects every American in a deeply personal and intimate way.  Unfortunately, Obamacare placed Washington in control of our health care and it’s only made healthcare policy worse.  Passed with the promise of lower health care costs, Obamacare has driven up health insurance premiums and co-pays. The law will cost taxpayers $2 trillion dollars, and is causing employers to cut back workers’ hours from full time to part time to control health care costs.

We need a fresh start to empower patients and doctors, providing greater consumer choice and competition. Health policy should encourage genuine medical innovation, which can save lives. We should give people the freedom to buy the plans they want, and help people without insurance buy it. The result would be a new health care system with lower costs, more choices, and more freedom.

National Security

In nearly every part of the world, turmoil is rising and our challenges are growing.  America needs to play a strong, constructive role with our allies to ensure that enemies of freedom and peace are held accountable and don’t amass more power. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration’s foreign policy has largely been marked by mistake after mistake. They’ve come to treat America’s friends as enemies and our enemies as allies. From holding Iran and Russia accountable to fighting ISIS, the Administration and its diplomats have failed. While at the same they’ve sought to demean and diminish our friend Israel just when she needs allies most.

It’s time for a change in foreign policy. We need a genuine strategy to fight ISIS and prevent the terror group from growing further. At the same time, Americans should be deeply skeptical of any “deal” the Administration makes with Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terror.


Americans are becoming increasingly skeptical of Washington and our government institutions and rightfully so. While some in Congress have worked to clean up government, too often other politicians violate the public trust, misleading voters, creating shady deals to benefit themselves, and fueling a culture of corruption and dishonesty. Americans deserve better from some of our national leaders.