Advocating for solutions to the issues confronting the 45th President of the United States.

This year, conservatives in the House of Representatives outlined 6 topics that – all together – create a forward-looking vision for America. See the Better Way booklet here covering:

  • The U.S. Constitution and how we can better uphold its guiding principles,
  • Reforms that will strengthen our currently weak economy,
  • A new direction on healthcare that puts the patients back in charge,
  • As well as improving our national security, our anti-poverty programs and tax reforms that support American families and help our nation to thrive.

Drilling down deeper into these topics:



Americans are being overtaxed. But what exactly does it mean to lower the marginal income tax rate, and how low should it go?

Or what does it mean for jobs and the economy when changes are made to the death tax?

  • The Tax Foundation issued a report - Options for Reforming the Tax Code - that outlines the major components of the taxes we pay, and the impact it has on jobs and the economy.
  • Opportunity Lives provides a Solutions Studio spotlight on taxes that outlines the backwards way in which we tax individuals and 10 ridiculous taxes that you might have missed, it also provides insight from leaders on the economy like Doug Holtz Eakin.
  • From the Conservative Reform Network, Ryan Ellis of Americans for Tax Reform says, “Conservatives should boldly embrace tax reform for this century. Such reform would be a mixture of high priority pro-growth changes and tax relief for working families with children.” See his plan here. And another approach from Heritage Foundation experts here.


Our federal government bureaucrats are spending at out-of-control levels while our total debt as a nation has exceeded $19 trillion.

How do we cut spending while protecting and improving important programs for our seniors?

The Heritage Foundation’s Budget Book outlines 106 proposals to cut spending and reform how our government works to get it back to the founder’s vision of a limited federal government.

And an American Enterprise Report outlines reforms to improve the “effectiveness and efficiency” of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Other helpful sources for reform:

And the Congressional Budget Office’s latest budget options book offers deficit reduction ideas.


Recent reports show that 23% of Americans with Obamacare cannot afford to pay for the out-of-pocket expenses associated with their plan. That means that 31 million Americans paying a monthly premium for insurance cannot afford to pay for the care they need. With expectations of Obamacare rate increases again in 2017, it is clear that reforms are needed.


As a nation, we trust that our Commander in Chief will keep our nation safe. Sadly, today a large percentage of Americans feel less safe than ever .

  • The John Hay Initiative has outlined the foreign policy and national security priorities for this critical time in our nation’s history in their publication “Choosing to Lead.”
  • And the Foreign Policy Initiative published a 2016 briefing book outlining the type of leadership we need in order to tackle today’s national security challenges.